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CWC military watches - watch straps

Cabot Watch Company
CWC watch straps

Genuine issue watch straps as supplied to HM forces. Beware copies that are stitched; the genuine strap is heat-welded as specified and purchased by MOD. Available in green, brown, grey, black, cammo and James Bond (striped). 20mm suitable for divers' watches and chronographs. 18mm suitable for quartz general service or 1970s mechanical general service.

CWC military watches - new leather watch straps

New leather watch straps
To fit all CWC military watches. 1950s style with leather pad, British made. 18mm and 20mm available.

CWC military watches - black leather watch cover

Black leather watch cover
Made to military specifications. Very heavy duty, superb item. Covers virtually any watch using existing strap. Clips on.

CWC military watches - aviator watch straps

Leather Aviator watch straps
Thick leather (4mm) straps, open-ended. Secured around the bar by removeable screw.